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    Plan and design tools

    Download the Lumon Design tools

    The GDL object, strength calculations, and structural drawings can be attached to the building's planning documents. These all will speed up the design process and facilitate the presentation of many different options to customers. Changing the plans according to customer wishes will also be much faster.

    On this page you will find readable files of our tests and design elements. You can download our design tools by clicking on the button below.

    Lumon Company

    Lumon is an international group focused on the sale, production, and installation of balcony glass and patio products. We work to improve the living comfort of our customers.

    Market and customer demands have increased over the past decades. As a pioneer, Lumon has risen to the challenge and developed desirable, stylish, easy-to-use, and long-lasting products.

    About Us

    Lumon: a pioneer since 1978

    Lumon is an international group focused on designing, manufacturing, and installing retractable glass sunrooms and balcony facade products. We are proud to help our customers with living comfort.


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