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    Values, mission, and vision

    Corporate values

    Close to the customer

    It is important to listen to customers and develop top quality products on a continuous basis in accordance with customers’ wishes. Products popular among users must be made in the most efficient manner. Complete deliveries at the date agreed will ensure customer satisfaction and operational continuity. Open dialogue and cooperation between various players will contribute to the best possible living comfort, health, and security. Customer satisfaction surveys will guide our development into the right direction.

    Want to be a reseller?

    The key factors for a successful business comprise a simple idea, perfect timing and persistence in implementation. Lumon offers a ready-made business concept. The whole concept has already proven its viability in several countries and markets. Now we are offering this possibility to you.

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    Corporate responsibility

    Lumon products enable customers to stay closer to nature and the environment on their balconies and patios. We want to treasure our common environment, so we produce durable products made of recyclable, sustainable materials, such as glass and aluminum.

    The European leader in the balcony and patio glazing market has arrived on the North American continent

    Lumon, the creator of a success story in the European balcony and patio glazing market, is expanding its operations into Canada. The success of the Lumon balcony and terrace enclosures is based on superior quality products to improve living comfort.  Lumon has a 30 year global presence, exporting its products to over 20 different countries and employing more than 675 employees, producing annual sales of around $100 million.  Specializing in glass and aluminum constructions, Lumon is the leading supplier in the European balcony and terrace market.